Airway techniques and equipment– what is new and what do I really need?

Awake intubation – making it a pleasant experience!

Biphasic Cuirass Ventilation (BCV)

Fiberoptic intubation made easy!

Frontline - what next?

ECMO for emergent airway management
The neuro-traumatized: Time is brain

Have a plan!

Prehospital management

Preoperative evaluation of the airway made useful

The "cannot-intubate-cannot-ventilate"– situation. Recognition. Management choices.

The paediatric airway

How to maintain oxygenation in the difficult and combative patient

Ultrasound and the airway



The Bloody Bleeding airway


Biphasic Cuirass Ventilation (BCV)

Fiberoptic airway management

Hands on ultrasonography in airway management

On full-scale simulators, SimMan: Managing the "cannot-intubate-cannot-ventilate"-and the "cannot-intubate-can-ventilate" situation and other

Retrograde intubation

Miscellaneous videolaryngoscopes

High flow nasal oxygen HFNO

Infrared-guided flexible optical intubation

Flow controlled ventilation via 2.4 mm tubes for adults

The paediatric airway


As part of the workshop, participants will present and discuss own airway cases


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